How To Help

ou can help ACPRT bring the benefits of PRT to Austin. Here are four suggestions:
Sign up on the mailing list
Give us your name so we can send you the latest on PRT in Austin by using the Mailing List.
Educate a friend (or two, or three..)
Learn about PRT and become a personal PRT advocate. Learn the facts and then tell a friend about ACPRT and PRT in general. Point them to our website. Have them check out the information from PRT vendors on our link page. Answer their questions and then encourage THEM to be PRT advocates.
Volunteer with ACPRT
To bring PRT the attention it deserves, we need volunteers for all sorts of fun and interesting assignments. If you can help for a few minutes each day or 5-10 hours per week, we can find some way for you to help out! Just drop us a line at and let us know you want to volunteer.
Support ACPRT
ACPRT is an all-volunteer organization, but we still have expenses! Help us out by becoming a supporter. Your donation may be used for educational materials, postage, meeting hall rental, and other items neccessary to bring our message to the public. We will accept any amount offered, but our recommended support levels are:
Student: $10/year
Professional: $25/year
Entrepreneur: $250/year
Corporate: $1000/year (We are still looking for our first one of these)
We are not able to accept credit cards, but checks or money orders can be sent to:

12908 Oak Bend Dr
Austin, TX 78727-2907