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Foot skin care – Where to start

Foot care skin care is all about taking some time from your busy schedule to pamper your feet. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. It is all about mastering basic skin care routine like cleaning, exfoliating and even moisturizing. Your feet withstand all the pressure from walking, and it is important to take care of them regularly.

Cleaning and exfoliating

It is important to clean and exfoliate your skin to remove dirt and dry skin. Foot cleaning should be done every day before you go to bed. When cleaning your feet, make sure that you use a mild antiseptic soap. The role of the soap is to remove germs that accumulated during the day. Germs and bacteria cause nail fungus and other foot infections. Always use warm water as opposed to hot water when cleaning your feet.

Exfoliating should be done once a week, and it is important to remove dead skin. When exfoliating, use a foot scrubber to keep your skin smooth by removing the hard skin. Exfoliating the skin will reduce the risk of developing corns and calluses, and it will keep the skin soft. You can make a natural foot scrub using sugar and baby oil. Using this scrub once a week will remove all the dead skin and keep your feet smooth.

Moisturizing your feet every night

Moisturizing your feet is important to keep the skin looking and feeling good. If you suffer from dry skin, then you need to make moisturizing a daily habit. After cleaning your feet at night make sure that you apply a foot cream or moisturizing oil to your feet. In the cold months, wearing socks before you go to bed will help in keeping the skin moisturized.

Wear well-fitting shoes and insoles

Wearing good fitting shoes and insoles is a good way to take care of your skin. Wearing tight shoes will cause corns and hurt your feet. Try shoes and make sure that they feet comfortably before you buy them. Wearing insoles is also a good way to enhance comfort and avoid hurting your feet. A good insole will provide support and comfort when wearing shoes.

How to treat dry skin

There are many causes of dry foot, but the good news is that home treatment always works. Treating dry foot skin is important to avoid cracked heels that can be painful and unpleasant. Before you think about treating dry skin, here are some of the causes of dry foot skin:

  • Harsh weather like the winter season
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis
  • Tight fitting shoes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Poor diet

You can treat dry skin by adopting daily or even weekly skincare routine. For treating dry skin, you can get most of the ingredients from your kitchen. Here are steps on treating dry skin:

Soak your feet in warm water

Water is good for your skin and the first step when it comes to treating dry skin is to use warm soapy water. Remember to use warm water and not hot water. Hot water can be harsh to the skin and the idea is to pamper your feet and prevent burns. The best thing about soaking your feet in warm water is the fact that it softens the skin. When you soften your skin and especially the soles it will be easy to remove dead skin.

Foot mask

A foot mask is essential to healing your feet. Using a mixture of honey, banana and oatmeal is a good way to heal your feet. Apply the mixture and wait for 30 minutes before cleaning your feet. You can also use a banana and avocado mask for your feet. Using a natural mask is a good way to treat your feet.

Use petroleum journey

You can use petroleum journey to treat dry skin. The best way to use petroleum jelly is to apply it at night after cleaning your feet. After cleaning your feet, use a thick layer of petroleum jelly around your soles and feet. You can wear a pair of socks and sleep with your feet soaked in petroleum jelly. Using a layer of petroleum jelly will keep your feet moisturized throughout the night.

These basic skin care practices help in healing dry skin. However, in case you don’t see some improvement after a few weeks, you might want to see a foot or skin specialist to help.

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The Benefits of Tiege Hanley Skin Care Product

Although male skin care is similar to women skin care there are some subtle differences in their skin, however, their skin is equally exposed to the adverse factors of age and toxins that comes through time.

Women used to be the ones that took care of their skin to avoid the damage from germs, diseases and skin conditions due to toxins, pollution, and chemicals. However, men have become more aware of the dangers that their skin is exposed to every day and that they also need a skincare routine. It is not just about protecting your skin from getting wrinkled but is also a health issue. Lack of a healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle causes internal damages to the body that later reflects on the outside.

To keep their pores moist and vigorous men’s skin treatments should have deep sanitization. One main difference in men and women skins is that male tend to sweet more which results in larger and oilier pores. As men age there comes a time when collagen production slows down and the skin becomes thinner, which therefore makes the skin to become more inclined to wrinkles.

Fortunately, there are many male skin care products that have already been developed, but you need to make a correct evaluation of what kind of cream you are going to use on your skin.

When using Tiege Hanley skin care products you get more than moisturized skin. You might be astonished by some of the benefits you get from the use of Tiege Hanley skin care product. You may have noticed that lately taking care of one’s appearance is as much for men as it is for women. There is no need to put up with premature signs of aging, rough or inflamed skin just because you are a man.

Applications of Tiege Hanley skin care

Products that deliver skin care for men have to be a little different than similar products for women. Rather than designing colorful masks that must sit on top of the skin for a half hour or more, Tiege Hanley skin care products colored masks that are flesh and liquids that usually seep through our skin without being detected. The liquid fluids for the face are more known to people because they have some of the most active ingredients proven to fight aging but are extremely easy and fast to apply.

Benefits of using Tiege Hanley skin care products

  1. Soothes Inflammation – The Tiege Hanley skin care products contain ingredients that are proven to soothe inflammation and reduce redness. This is especially important as male skin often is prone to irritation, inflammation, and redness.
  2. Prevents Aging Signs – It doesn’t matter if you’re still in your twenties; it is always good to prevent aging signs no matter age. Tiege Hanley skin care product is rich in natural vitamin E, which is proven to prevent the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.
  3. Reduces Wrinkles, Lines, and Age Spots – With the help of antioxidant-rich ingredients that stimulate an increased growth of collagen, elastin and new skin cells you are able to get rid of visible signs of aging completely naturally.
  4. Increases Firmness – With time the skin starts sagging slowly but surely because of the loss of hyaluronic acid. This acid can, however, be boosted by some nutrients so that the firmness is increased once again.
  5. Stronger Immune Function – When using Tiege Hanley skin care products you avoid getting unnecessary chemicals into your body. Those chemicals can decrease your immune strength, but with natural products, the opposite happens. Tiege Hanley skin care is rich in antioxidants which actually help boost the immune function.


If you are just starting out with a skin care routine, you may want to start slow. Think about incorporating one product at a time. Consider starting by washing with a cleanser instead of soap, or shaving with a special natural shave balm rather than your regular shaving lotion. Over time, you can ease into a full skincare routine. And then, you can see just how far good skin can take you. Why do you have to hesitate? Make use of Tiege Hanley skin care product today and you will discover the difference. It is a proven male skin care product that gives better results.

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The Most Important Vitamins For Skin Health

There are lots of important vitamins for healthy skin. Any nutritional deficiency, no matter how minor it may be, will show up as an unwanted skin condition. The first thing you must do is take a good multi-nutritional supplement. You must be careful about what you ingest, though, because latest research shows that some nutrients make a big difference in the skin’s health and appearance when they are applied directly.

If you suffer from acne, you probably are low on antioxidants such as vitamins A and E. If you suffer from an inflammatory condition, you may not be getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids help fight skin inflammation. More than that, they also act as natural moisturizers for your skin. If you are wondering where you can get this nutrient, it is most present in fish oil. Research reveals that if you constantly supplement your skin with the vitamins it needs, you will feel it firming up. So, vitamins for healthy skin can also have an anti-aging effect.

Now, if you’re wondering what type of vitamin you can swallow, here is a list of the most recommended nutrients by doctors and dermatologists:

Biotin: this coenzyme helps build and repair damaged skin cells. It has also been proven to play a part in reversing a number of skin blemishes. Look for it in drinks that offer lactobacillus.

Folic Acid: minimizes wrinkles in your skin and leaves it feeling smooth like a baby. Leafy greens make excellent sources.

Vitamins B2, B3, B5, and B12: You need nutrients like niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine, cobalamin, and pantothenic acid. They are all essential for skin repair and support.

Your skin can breathe in oxygen properly and be more elastic. With all the types of vitamin B to back you up, you will notice a difference in your body both on the inside and on the outside. You will have the stamina you’ll need to go through the daily grind and find that your body is able to fight off diseases better.

These vitamin and antioxidants have long been suggested for maintaining your skin’s health and appearance. They have been around for many years, but not many people know just how helpful they can be. When taken daily, you will see an improvement in yourself.

One of the reasons you should take vitamins for healthy skin is to fight off the sun’s UV rays. As you may know, when you are constantly exposed to the sun, you are more prone to skin cancer and premature aging. When you age, you will notice that you won’t have as many antioxidants available in your system. The cells of your body won’t be able to produce as much as it used to.

You really need to be more vigilant about the type of food you take in and the vitamins you have after every meal. Your skin is your largest organ, and it is only right that you put the care of your skin at the very top of your list of priorities. After all, your skin reflects your diet. To look great from the inside out, you need to make sure your diet includes all the mentioned nutrients.

A well-balanced diet that incorporates the proper vitamins can make a big difference in the health and appearance of your skin. However, the use of vitamins is a powerful means of improving your health and you should always check with your physician prior to assuming a regime of supplements to ensure that none of them conflict with any pre-existing health conditions or medications. Those people with diabetes or who are pregnant need to be particularly careful prior to establishing a routine of vitamins, supplements to ensure the proper dosage is administered.

Getting all of these vitamins daily will help you get rid of your skin problems, but you have to be sure you keep this up or your problems will reappear.

You want to take vitamin supplements to help you get what your body needs, but you also want to incorporate into your diet the foods that will help you get all of the above vitamins. The best foods you want to eat include any fruits and vegetables.

Now that you have all of this important information in your mind about how vitamins for skin can help you eliminate many skin problems, you need to start taking the right vitamins immediately. The sooner you begin using them, the sooner you can have healthy and clear skin.

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